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מסך 55 אינץ LED Loewe Individual מתצוגה

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מסך 46 אינץ LOEWE Art LED

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מסך 40 אינץ Connect led

מפרטים טכניים (PDF)

מסך לווה אופטה LED loewe artd 60

Loewe Art

Pure. Perfect.My Perfect Entertainment.

With the new Loewe Art, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in quality from the design to the feature list. Combined with the full-HD panel, the 200 Hz picture repetition rate1 ensures precise motion reproduction and with the rich sound of up to 80 watts, you will enjoy a perfect audio experience despite the slimline body. It goes without saying that the Loewe Art offers all the functionality required for perfect Smart Home Entertainment – packaged within the elegant Loewe Assist Media user interface. In short, a perfect television for all occasions.

1 100 Hz picture repetition rate in the case of the Loewe Art 32.

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